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Social media is all around us. In today’s world, around-the-clock accessibility through social media has become the norm. It seems as if everyone is constantly updating their status or tagging their pictures so that we know exactly where they are and what they are doing. Couples are realizing that updates on an individual’s whereabouts and thought on social media can affect their family. Continue Reading

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASocial media serves as an open journal or scrapbook for many people. It allows distant friends to reconnect, family members to keep in touch, and people to share accomplishments. However, social media has also become an easy way for people to get a window into someone’s hobbies, spending habits, and even one’s schedule. In the divorce process, care should be taken so that social media does not frustrate the negotiations.  Continue Reading

Most of us have listened to friends complain about an unflattering picture that their significant other posted of them on a social media site. In this digital age, people not only take more and more pictures of everyday events, but people are sharing the images through Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media sites they can get their hands on. Maybe your friend’s significant other catches them at a bad time but loves the picture and posts it anyway – your friend gets mad, but then it usually blows over, right? Couples are now entering into agreements that can prevent this whole ordeal in the first place – the “Social Media Pre-Nup.”
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