Prenuptial Agreements and 12.13.14 Weddings


Last month, one of the more enjoyable stories in the news revolved around the 11/12/13 date. It seemed everywhere you looked, news outlets, bloggers, and talk shows were talking about the number of weddings happening on this unique date. Weddings on 10/11/12 were no different, as people seemed to rush to the altar in order to celebrate their special day on this truly distinctive date.

The trend of getting married on a consecutive number date did not start in the past two years; people often look to consecutive dates as their own type of holiday – perfect for a wedding. In the past couple of years the trend has seen a rise, though. Much of this is undoubtedly due to the fact that after December 13, 2014 passes, it will be quite a long time until couples can sprint to the altar for a consecutive date wedding (and “long time” may be putting it mildly!). This past November was especially interesting because the consecutive date fell on a Tuesday – not exactly an ideal day of the week for a wedding. Yet even though a Tuesday wedding seems less than perfect, there was an increase of over 700% than the second Tuesday in November of the previous year. Even Las Vegas was “cashing” in on the special date, offering wedding deals discounted even more than usual for its chapels. With so many people tying the knot in one day, the story of true love and happiness practically writes itself. However, it also raises some considerations about how to handle the upcoming nuptials.

I’ve written previously about the value of prenuptial agreements for professional athletes (and other individuals with fluctuating high-income professions), but prenups are important for virtually any individual looking to get married. Couples that are in a hurry to get to the altar can sometimes forget to handle details and issues that may affect them down the line. In my previous post on prenuptial agreements for professional athletes, I compared the relief an athlete may feel after signing a contract to the relief a couple may feel once the prenup is handled. To be clear, a prenuptial agreement is an agreement entered into before marriage which sets out the assets of each person and can include control of each person over the assets and financials. The agreement spells out how the assets will be treated should the marriage fail. Prenuptial agreements have become increasingly common when at least one spouse has a high net worth (see Prenups and Professional Athletes) or has children from a prior marriage; but the logistics of a prenuptial agreement make sense for any couple looking to walk down the aisle. It is extremely important for all couples to communicate about money before and during marriage.

While the stories of hoards of people running down the aisle on 11/12/13 seems endearing and the prospect of even more couples getting married on 12/13/14 is all but a given, couples should still take the time to sit down and map out how they want the mechanics of the marriage to really work. Critics of prenuptial agreements argue that people do not want to talk about their marriage’s impending doom before they even say “I do,” but having an awkward conversation could potentially save people time, stress, and heartache in the future should any problems arise.

When deciding whether or not a prenuptial agreement is right for one’s individual situation, it is important to look at the couple’s dynamic and to weigh the benefits against any drawbacks. A consultation with an experienced family law attorney can help to understand the benefit and mechanics of a prenuptial agreement.

Based on the number of weddings we have seen on 11/12/13, it will be exciting to see just how many people choose to get married on 12/13/14. Just remember, before you say “I do,” make sure you have nothing left to do.

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